When it comes about the social networking tactic, there are many universities, like U.S universities who are schooling the masses. Brands can know from higher education institutions or universities by having a look on their social media profiles and knowing how they actually market themselves, maintain their name among the people, and engage people or their students.

      Social Media Tool
Using an efficient social media tool they can know how they advertise their wide collection of products, those being courses, enhancement programs, sport activities, extracurricular activities and training programs. For many people, it may seem strange, but when it comes to transforming applicants to freshmen, social networking platforms have switched the printed brochures and become a vital. In one of the study, it was found that one in five students took admission by getting influenced by the social media presence of the college or the university. 
Reason 1- School Outlook & Brand Image
The most prestigious colleges and universities have a powerful branding and sterling reputation. For instance, Harvard University’s Facebook profile has more than 3 million fans and above 330,000 twitter followers, which signifies that they have well maintained their reputation and good brand visualization on social networking platforms
          Basics of Social Media Tool
They control negative comments related to them by using the best social media reporting tools that assist them in keeping track about their online presence, so that they can instantly react and maintain their brand image intact. 
Reason 2. Improving Student Experience
Social media platforms are like a constant Question and Answer session for most of the students. That’s why universities use social listening is a vital key. Universities using tools monitor the conversations about university life, respond their queries and make their doubt clear. They enhance the student’s experience, tells them about the sports, clubs, activities and other good aspects of campus life through an efficient social media tool. 
                                           Social Media Tool  
Social media measurement tools allows universities to analyze the engagement level with every recent post. Using social media monitoring tools they can also check when content are getting shared, number of likes, followers, comments, etc. , to determine the best conditions for every post, and therefore alter future content to make sure its success.
Reason 3. Enticing Prospective Students &Remain Connected with Alumni
Customer retention as well as Marketing two of the important part of universities, as they are meant for brands, and social networking platformshave essentially become the way ofenticing morepotential students and stay connected with the passed batches. Using the social media reporting tools they can keep track of every traffic, engagement details which can be helpful for them in some or the other way.